How to Use the App?

Using your Globe myBusiness App

  • Download the Globe myBusiness app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • Open the app and register your Prepaid WiFi number located in the Prepaid Sim Bed.
  • Secure the app by nominating a PIN.
  • Proceed to the dashboard to check your data.

Activating your Free 30GB

  • Click the link on the dashboard.
  • If the account is not yet verified, you will be redirected to the Account Verification page.

Subscribing to a Surf Promo

  • Select which promo you want to avail.
  • Click into the tab “+Get More Data”.
  • Choose from the Prepaid Surf Promo you wish to avail.
  • A notification will appear to confirm the selected transaction.
  • Click to proceed with the transaction.
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