How can I subscribe to myBizSurf Prepaid Promos?

Load a promo to enjoy more data. Do it in 3 different ways:

Via App

  1. From the home page or side menu, click the “get more data’ link to see list of promo options
  2. Subscribe to a promo
  3. Click proceed to confirm

Via SMS (from any Globe or TM Mobile number)

  1. Text your promo keyword and send to 2+ 10-digit Prepaid Internet number

         Ex. myBizSurf199 then send to 29171234567

         *you will be charged P1 each successful transaction

Via *143#

  1. Dial *143# from your Globe or TM mobile phone
  2. Choose share a load/Promo


*Regular browsing rates apply for internet surfing sessions that are not on any promo.

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