What are the coverage and limitation of my warranty?

List of Replacement warranty coverage:

  • Dead on arrival handset
  • The 7-days replacement policy
  • Beyond 7 days with approval


Repair Warranty Coverage:

  • Handset unit / Transceiver – 1 year
  • Battery / Charger – 6 months to non-iphone units, 1 year to iphone units
  • Memory Card – 3 months (For non-iphone and applicable if included in the package)
  • Out of the Box Accessories (Blister packs) – 6 months (Manufacturer’s warranty is applicable to accessories only


Void Warranty:

  • Liquid presence
  • Tampering / Unauthorized Repair
  • Open Lined Unit
  • Broken/Damaged Unit

Limitation in Warranty Coverage:

  • Removal of Virus
  • Retrieval of security code
  • Refurbishment or replacement of cosmetic parts
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