My phone isn’t receiving any text messages. What should I do?

My phone isn’t receiving any text messages. What should I do?

  • To be able to receive text messages, you’ll need cellular signal. If your phone does have a signal but you can’t receive any text messages, try soft resetting (switching off your mobile phone for 30 seconds then switching it back on) your phone first to refresh its network connection. Doing this should fix the problem since simply restarting your phone fixes a lot of common mobile issues.


  • If you still can’t receive text messages after soft resetting your phone, please check that your phone’s call barring feature isn’t activated, that your phone’s Airplane/Flight Mode Is turned off and that your phone’s inbox memory shouldn’t be full.


  • If you still can’t receive any text messages after changing your phone’s settings, please check the sender’s number format which should be an eleven (11) digit number (a plus sign [+] followed by the country/area code followed by the access code/number). If you still can’t receive a text message after checking the sender’s number format, try inserting your Globe SIM card into another mobile phone (it could be Globe-issued or open line, either one’s fine) and check if you’ll now be able to receive a text message. If you could now receive text messages, we suggest having your original phone checked at an authorized service center near you. If not, try inserting a different Globe SIM card into your phone. If your phone finally gets a signal after doing this, it could also be that your original Globe SIM’s defective and needs to be replaced. Please contact our Customer Care hotline at (02) 730 1288 or you can chat with us so that we can help fix this issue. 


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