I want to get a roaming promo instead of paying for regular rates. What are the available Globe myBusiness call & text and mobile internet roaming promos that I can sign up to?

We’re glad that you want to sign up to a Globe myBusiness roaming promo! The following are the available Globe myBusiness mobile roaming promos that you can sign up in order for you to fully maximize your budget:

Unlimited Data Roaming for P599, which gives you unlimited mobile Internet  for a full twenty-four (24) hours so that you can interact with your team while abroad and reply to customer inquiries without limits. One of the best things about this promo’s that you can enjoy a full day of unlimited mobile internet for the price of P599 without having to worry about bill shock/hidden charges, and that there’s no need to register for this promo; just turn on your mobile data to start connecting to the internet. Convenient, right?

Roam Unli Call & Text gives you unlimited call and text without worrying about bill shocks. Roam Unli Call and Text is available at P499 valid for one (1) day of unlimited calls and texts, P1399 valid for three (3) days of unlimited calls and texts, and P2299 valid for five (5) days of unlimited calls and texts.

With the Roam Saver roaming promo, you can enjoy 50% off regular rates for calls and texts in selected countries!

You can get bulk calls and texts that’s valid for seven (7) days if you sign up for the Roam Lite roaming promo! Roam Lite’s available at P799 which gives you fifteen (15) call minutes and fifteen text messages, P1399 which gives you thirty (30) call minutes and thirty (30) text messages while P2599 which gives you sixty (60) call minutes and sixty (60) text messages.

For a complete list of Globe myBusiness roaming promos and their text message keywords for registration as well as which country they’re available at,  you can visit our Globe myBusiness mobile roaming page.

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