How do I activate other devices (smartphones/tablets)?

1. Using the existing device that has been activated with your Globe Charge Merchant account, launch the Globe Charge mobile app. In the login screen, select your name from the drop down menu.

2. Enter your Staff PIN. Then tap "Login".
3. Tap on the "Settings" icon.
4. Tap on "Edit".
5. Enter your Admin PIN, then tap Submit.

*To get your Admin PIN, check the inbox of your registered email address. This was sent after you have been accredited via the KYM Process.

6. You can now modify your settings. Tap on “Device Activation”.
7. Since this is the first time for you to activate a device, you will be the only staff member in the staff member list. Tap on your name.
8. Tap on the “Device Name” field, and nominate a name for your new smartphone/tablet.
9. Tap on “Create new Device”.
10. You will receive a new Activation code via email.
11. Using your new device, download the Globe Charge mobile app.
12. Launch the Globe Charge mobile app.
13. Enter your new 8-character Activation code.
14. Just like that, your new device has access to your Globe Charge Merchant account

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