How do I register and create a Globe Charge Merchant account?

1. Once you have the Globe Charge Mobile Card Reader, simply download the Globe Charge mobile app from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

2. Click "OK" to allow access to your location services and microphone.

3. On the startup page, click “Apply Now” then fill in all the required data such as your Personal/Business TIN number.

4. Read through the Terms and Conditions then click “Agree and Submit”.

5. Enter your GCash-registered mobile number. Then tap “Proceed”.

*This number is the GCash account where all the payments made through the Globe Charge Mobile Card Reader will go to. 

6. After you have entered your Gcash number, you will be brought to this page below wherein you will be told that you will receive a call from a Globe customer representative to finish the accreditation of your Globe Charge Account:

8. Click "Done" and Kindly wait for a call from our Globe representative :

  • If your business is part of the pre-qualified list, you just need to wait for another call from a Globe representative notifying you that you are an accredited Globe Charge merchant.
  • If you have not yet met with a Globe representative in your place of business before the call, kindly let the Globe representative know the most convenient time and date to set that appointment.
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