Terms and Conditions

1. Winners will be informed through SMS, letter, and a call from a Globe representative. The letter will include guidelines in using or claiming the prize.

2. Winners should submit a copy of two (2) valid government-issued IDs to Globe when claiming their prize.

3. For winners 18 years old and above, you may claim the prize directly from Globe. For winners below 18 years old, a parent or a guardian should claim the prize and accompany you to the trip.

4. The prize is limited to the staycation in the hotel (3 days and 2 nights accommodation and dinner for 2 adults), and the Php 10,000-worth of gift certificates. Incidentals such as room service, hotel transportation, etc., are not covered by the prize.

5. Winners are to shoulder their transportation expense going to and from the hotel.

6. The winner will be assigned his hotel prize based on his billing address.

7. Hotel accommodations for (4) persons with billing address from Luzon are to enjoy their staycation at SEDA BGC, Taguig; (2) winners with a Visayas billing address are to be given a stay Marco Polo, Cebu; and (2) winners with a Mindanao billing address are to enjoy their stay at SEDA Abreeza, Davao.

a. The Prize is good until Dec. 31 2016

b. Hotel accommodation may be availed throughout the year except during the black-out dates specified in the promo mechanics article as well as during peak seasons and holidays.

c. Hotel accommodation booking could be made as early as one (1) month after notification of winning and will depend on the availability of rooms in the above-mentioned hotels.

8. Re-booking or change in hotel staycation schedule will not be allowed once it has been finalized by the winner.

9. All other fees such as, but not limited to, terminal fees, excess baggage, sea and land transfers, and passport or visa arrangements will be charged to the personal account of the winner.

10. All other incidental and miscellaneous expenses during the winners stay at SEDA BGC, Marco Polo Cebu or SEDA Davao on top of the prize shall be charged to the personal account of the winner.

11. Winner/s should agree to allow Globe to document their stay and use it for press release and other communication materials.

12. For corporate accounts, the prize will be awarded to the company’s authorized representative, which is predetermined in Globe’s records, or if there is no recorded authorized representative, the prize will be awarded the business’ registered owner, company CEO or President.

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