Will there be any data fees while I am accessing Dental Pal through my Internet device?

For Globe myBusiness Postpaid Plans, you will be charged for the data consumed, using Dental Pal. If you have a plan with free data, you will be consuming the free data as you use Dental Pal. This means that any surfing charges beyond your free data will be charged on top of your Monthly Service Fee (MSF).

Loading the different Dental Pal’s web pages may vary in consumption depending on the amount of content on the pages, wherein those with images are usually heavier in consumption. The consumption would range from around 70KB to 2MB.

For Globe myBusiness Broadband Plans, there will be no other data fees just the broadband monthly recurring fee (MRF). When you use WiFi to access Dental Pal, there are no additional data fees. 

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