How do I accept MasterCard or Visa card payments using Globe Charge?

1. Ensure that your Mobile Card Reader is connected to a compatible Apple or Samsung device by inserting the metal pin into your smartphone’s 3.5 mm audio jack.

3. In the Globe Charge app, enter the amount of the transaction.

4. Tap on “Card”.

5. Tap on “Tap to Swipe”.

6. Swipe the Visa or MasterCard card.

7. All the fields on customer details will automatically fill up.

8. Tap on the signature field, and ask for the card holder to apply his/her signature on the screen, then tap “Done”.

9. Fill-in the Staff PIN.

10. If your customer would like to receive an acknowledgement receipt of the transaction, fill it in with the customers Email or SMS.

Note: The customer will not receive any acknowledgement receipt if the Email or SMS field is left blank.

11. Lastly, tap "Next" and you have successfully done a transaction with the Globe Charge.

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