Can anyone/all businesses avail Globe Charge?

Yes, anyone can avail Globe Charge, as long you meet the minimum business requirements.

However, if your business falls under any of the below listed industries, you will not be able to get Globe Charge: 

1. Direct Marketing – Travel-Related Arrangement Services

Merchants classified under this category typically offer their services via outbound telemarketing calls in which the merchant initiates "direct" contact with the consumer in an attempt to generate a sale. The merchants may also send direct mail communications such as postcards or letters requesting or offering prospective customers an incentive to call the merchant. Alternatively, merchants in this category may offer their services via mailings, magazine or television ads, or through other direct marketing methods that include either a toll-free telephone number or an address by which prospective customers may respond. 

2. Direct Marketing – Combination Catalog and Retails Merchant 

Merchants that initiate direct contact with consumers and are often described as mail-order houses or as the mail-order industry. Such merchants offer their merchandise via catalogs, and accept merchandise orders exclusively via mail, phone, fax, electronic commerce, or other non–face-to-face methods. A paper catalog is a multi-page document that is sent (mailed, faxed, or otherwise delivered) directly to a consumer. An electronic catalog displays merchandise via cable TV or as videotext on an Internet site. Catalogs display and describe merchandise and include a mail-order form, phone number, or Internet site address for placing orders. Flyers and brochures are not considered catalogs. A manufacturer with a pricing catalog is not considered a direct marketing catalog merchant. These merchants also offer a face-to-face environment for its sales. Retail sales are defined as transactions in which the seller and the buyer are face-to-face. 

3. Direct Marketing – Outbound Telemarketing Merchant 

Merchants classified under this category sell products using outbound telemarketing methods. Merchant initiates contact with prospective buyers via telephone or mailing (other than a catalog) that instructs the cardholder to contact the merchant in an attempt to generate sales. This classification includes merchants known as "up-sellers." Such merchants often solicit cardholders when they contact Call Centers to purchase products of other Direct Marketing merchants or to request customer service assistance. 

d. Direct Marketing – Continuity/Subscription Merchant

Merchants classified under this category sell subscription products or services via "direct" mail. These merchants may offer consumers a series of products (e.g., one book a month for one year) or the annual renewal of a single product. When paying by bank card, the cardholder’s account is billed for the service on a continuing or periodic basis (e.g., once a month, twice a year) and the service continues until the subscription or series ends or until the cardholder or merchant terminates the agreement. Included in this category are direct mail book clubs; record, tape, CD, and video clubs; collectible series programs (stamps, coins, limited edition books or other book series, plates, china figures, etc.); and magazine subscriptions. Also included are newspaper subscriptions. 

e. Direct Marketing – Other Direct Marketers (Not Elsewhere Classified) 

Merchants classified under this category sell products or services through a variety of direct response methods that include an order form or an address and/or telephone number the customer may use to place an order by mail, telephone or fax. These merchants often utilize mass-marketing techniques such as brochures, radio and television direct response ads, and TV "infomercials" (extended length TV commercials with a talk-show format). 

f. Counseling Services – Debt, Marriage, and Personal 

Merchants classified under this category provide a variety of counseling services such as debt and financial counseling, marriage counseling, family counseling, alcohol and drug abuse counseling, and other personal counseling. 

g. Direct Marketing—Inbound Teleservices Merchant 

Merchants classified under this category provide one or more non-business-to-business audio-text/video-text and/or digital content services that customers access via telephone, fax or over an open network, such as the Internet. The contact with the merchant and subsequent transactions are initiated by the customer. Businesses in this category often use, the following marketing practices to sell their products or services: 1. free trial periods, 2. membership required, 3. recurring billing, 4. negative renewal options. This category applies to merchants that sell information services over the telephone or the Internet, as well as products that may be sold through the service. 

h. Betting, including Lottery Tickets, Casino Gaming Chips, Off-Track Betting, and Wagers at Race Tracks 

These Merchants classified under this category operate gaming or betting establishments that may or may not be associated with hotels, restaurants, riverboats, and resorts. These merchants allow customers to use their bank cards to purchase gaming chips and lottery tickets, and to place wagers.


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